Turck‘s new range of IO-LINK sensors are now available in all versions for measuring pressure (PS+), flow (FS+) and temperature (TS+).

  • Intuitive design for easy and user-friendly control.
  • High resistance to the most demanding environmental conditions.
  • Immediate installation and configuration (plug&play).
  • Compatible with IO-LINK.
  • Awarded in the iF Design Award.
  • Unique design.

After many years of development, Turck has presented a breakthrough and efficient industrial design for the most hostile environments. Awarded with the “iF Design Award 2019”, the new design stands out for its intuitive control and very easy configuration thanks to its color screens and touch buttons. The new sensor range represents a generation change in fluid sensor technology.

Quick installation with ‘Quick Teach’ function

The sensors are easy to mount and can automatically detect PNP or NPN signals. In addition, the Quick Teach function offers enormous advantages, such as allowing users to set the switching point directly on the device within seconds.

Protection against environmental influences

The sensor is controlled by three wear-free touch buttons. Allowing very friendly navigation and eliminating the need for additional sealing surfaces. Its stainless steel housing and one-piece cover are designed to withstand wear and tear and meet the strict requirements of protection classes IP6K6K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K.

Maximum adaptability and versatility

The top mounting adapts to the rotation of the sensor head in a range of 340°. When the sensor is connected, the sensor automatically records whether the controller or bus module requires a PNP or NPN signal, current or voltage. The display with capacitive touch buttons and a two-color display allows for quick configurations (according to the Turck or VDMA standard). In addition, they are protected by a locking mechanism to prevent accidental activation.